Welcome to InvestCyprus.eu, Arton Capital’s gateway to carefully selected real estate properties on the Cypriot market.
To qualify for a Cypriot citizenship, one must purchase a property of equal or greater value of €500,000 plus applicable fees and taxes.
We have selected developers with projects based on criteria relating to the security of ownership, capital appreciation prospects, technical and architectural quality and the enjoyment of property.
Committed to a unique blend of constant innovation, long-term relationships and customized service, and social responsibility, at Arton Capital we offer a more diverse range of solutions to mobile high net worth individuals and families. What is more, Arton’s founders have established a proven 15-year track record as the trusted and knowledgeable partner who empowers global citizenship by managing these services on behalf of its clientele, and thus making the whole citizenship process as simple and stress-free as possible.