The Cyprus citizenship programme requires that the applicant buys a housing unit(s) having a total price of €500,000+ VAT. Arton Capital has selected properties at three different projects, at three different locations and properties of appeal to different people which qualify for the citizenship scheme.

In selecting the said properties Arton Capital took into account the developer’s reputation, his after sales service, dependability, professionalism and his ability to offer security in the whole transaction up to and including the transfer of the property in the client’s name. Properties were selected taking into consideration their location, quality, prospects for appreciation, architecture and their appeal to different market segments.

Following the TROIKA bail-out and bail-in March 2013, Cyprus has proved wrong all forecasts of doom and disaster. The international press is already talking of an economic miracle in the making. The TROIKA has stated that the property market will revive in 2014 and the smart money is already in the market positioning itself.


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